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Is it my driving?

Mark Five

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Hi all,

I'm now on my second S-type, a 2004 2.5 auto with 45k on the clock. A few weeks ago I had the transmission sump replaced (warped & leaking) after getting 'gearbox fault' with increasing frequency - which I also had with a previous S-type (2001 with 3.0 + 70k). When it happens I reset the 'box by switching off the engine and immediately starting up again (sometimes with a rolling restart in neutral). I also get the odd thump (gearbox? diff?) when it's changing gear, and when I accelerate after slowing down with engine braking.

The 'gearbox fault' went away with the new sump and fresh oil = but now it's back again!

Most of my driving is commuting in town (14 miles each way), and at relatively low speeds (London!), so I'm wondering - is it my driving technique (slow acceleration and engine braking) or is there an inherent problem with these gearboxes?

Any ideas?

Cheers, Mark

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