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Jaguat 420G


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Hi I'm A new member. I have a '68 420G, which I'm having gearbox issues. It has a Borg Warner Series 8 3 speed. It will not go into third gear. I have had the gearbox rebuilt, new clutches, new valve body and pump. It will still not go into third, which indicates to me that it is external to the gearbox. All linkages have been check and set up correctly(Throttle and kickdown) I have had some feed back about a speed hold switch, which holds the gearbox in second gear, I have a Jaguar workshop manual, and cannot find any reference to this switch and solenoid in the gear box section of the electical section. However David Manners do show a speed hold solenoid in their catalogue which show it is a part for a MK10 3.8 litre. the gerrbox place have had the car for close on six months, and they cannot fin out what the problem is. When I was under the car, I could not see any solenoid mounted on the gearbox, with wires coming away from it. Please help if able before I'm carted off to the loony bin. Thanks.

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Hi Martin, and welcome to the club.

I have used the David Manners Group on quite a few occasions [they are quite close to where I live] and I wonder if you have a chat with them they could be of assistance in recommending some one who is  au fait with classic cars.

It might also be useful to contact Jaguar Classic Cars.

Good Luck,


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