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Loss of Engine Compression 2002 4.0 Liter


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I need some insight. I drove then parked my XJ8, which has 101,000 miles on it. It ran great, as usual. The next day it would not start. I took to the mechanic. They said that on one bank of cylinders there is no compression. I know little about the engines but it sounds strange to me. I mean, is there a possibility of a single point of failure on compression, especially one that would only affect one side of the engine?

I hope that someone on here can give me a little guidance as to what the problem could be.


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I think early cars suffered with cylinder wash, where piston ring seal failed if the engine was run for very short periods, like a few minutes

something to do with cylinder wall lubrication, if it is just pull the plugs on the low side and spray some oil in

crank it over the reinstall the plugs

just google jaguar 4.0 cylinder wash



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