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I'm looking for some help with an electrical problem that I have with my Jaguar S-type (2006). The problem started with an intermittent 'gearbox problem' warning - when I turned the car off and restarted it this warning disappeared.  Several months later the automatic gearbox wouldn't change gears and the battery light came on. I took it to the garage and they changed the alternator, but this doesn't seem to have solved the problem as the battery icon is still lighting up.  The car is running and now changes gear. When the computer is connected it gives the message : Error procedure Number (700) . / P0622 . The electrics have been check but no problem has been detected. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas?



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not seen that before and if i check jtis database that code p0622 does not exist

you may need to plug in a jaguar diagnostic tool like Jaguar IDS/SDD which will give you a proper fault code

generic code readers dont always give the correct fault codes, as some will be jaguar specific

you can put you dash in diagnostic mode and see what actual voltage the body control modules is seeing,

have a look here http://www.bluejag.co.uk/S-Type Instrument-cluster-diagnostics.php

                           http://www.bluejag.co.uk/S-Type Instrument-cluster-diagnostic info.php

this will tell you if the car is seeing the correct voltage, if it not, this will effect charging, as the car controls the output from the alternator, which will effect charging

the s-type relies heavy on a descent charging system, if the battery get low is cause lots of problems with modules, especially gearbox ,engine and EPB

just hope he fitted the correct alternator as these on the S-type seem special, as they comunicate with the ecu

have a read below




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