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X type going into lymp mode when pulling away

Dave seale

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Hi all I have a 07 plate 2.0 litre x type estate which has started st smoke on start up also when pulling away on dual carriageways from say 2000 revs jumps into lymp mode happened a couple of times but today totally shut down engine ? Just before going in to lymp mode gives some smoke hesitates and gives up , she has only done 126 thousand miles and being the ford engine feel she should do loads more as my transit has done double this any advice would be greatly appreciated as working on tight budget .

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It could be that the variable turbo vanes are coked up. It is fairly easy to check if this is the case by doing the following when the engine is cold ( burn risk - elf & safety!):

Between the engine cover and the back centre of the bonnet opening is the electronic turbo actuator unit. There is a rod connecting this to the turbo body below. A circlip attaches this rod to the moving lever on the actuator. With a small flat bladed screwdriver ease, remove and recover the circlip from the actuator lever pin and keep it safe. (It's good idea to lay a cloth underneath the unit before doing this to catch it should it fall and avoid it disappearing for all eternity!!) slide the rod off the pin and sensitively push/pull the rod to feel if there is any resistance/stickyness and more firmly to overcome this and to establish that it can move all the way to the extremes of it's travel. It should move smoothly throughout and if it does then reconnect the arm and reinstate the circlip. If there is resistance then you could try what worked for me.  See my previous post: 

 Hope this is useful.

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Going from bitter personal experience DaveMech's diagnosis is probably correct.  My 2.2d had crud in the turbo and that's what did for the turbo actuator apparently.  So you might want to get that checked out too as it is probably actuator failure which is triggering limp mode.  I have invested in some Archoil turbo cleaner and fuel additive.  No idea whether it works yet but their 'Oilem' blog is quite interesting and contains an article that exactly described my problem (and possibly yours).  Other posters recommend Wynn's and Miller's which do the same job.

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