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I had occasion to attempt to fit the space saver spare on the rear of my 2005 S.  The wheel is brand new, never been used so you can imagine my surprise when I found that it did not fit!  The centre aperture was too small to fit over the bearing casing.  I found this strange.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Do these spares have a variety of centre apertures?  I spoke to Jaguar hoping that I could swap this brand new non-fitting wheel for one that does fit but they were not playing.  They wanted to sell me one that fitted!  The difference is fairly minimal so I am thinking of grinding away the centre until it fits.  Anyone got any ideas please.

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Hi Bob,

I would go the whole hog and get rid of the space saver and get a spare wheel.  You might even be able to sell the spacesaver.  It does not save any space at all on the s type.

My s type has a spare wheel fitted at Castle Vale  ---  great peace of mind.



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