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diesel fuel filter

david moore

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today ive given the 2.0d x type a new air filter & fuel filter, must say it taken some time when it came to the fuel filter  I had to fill the new fuel filter with diesel !...... this helps prime the diesel through the system as air gets in the system soon as you disconnect the pipes from the old fuel filter.  if you do not fill the new filter with diesel it will just turn over and not start as there is to much air in the system. 1876791183_dieselfuelfilterjag2019.thumb.jpg.85e4abfdac4099e80754dc6f193f6ff0.jpg next on the list is an oil change!!!! 

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well here is the old fuel filter taken to bits ? as you can see the old filter did need a change !  I average around 3500 miles a year. the last time when this was changed ,  in  2015.... not bad for 4yrs old,... but I must try to remember to change this next one in 2021, as I recently posted in april, 2089065865_fuelfilter2.0djag1.thumb.JPG.151446efc7657f2f211f8d08e10e3c7e.JPG

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Hi David

One tip is when you fit the new fuel filter turn on the ignition without starting the engine, turn off after ten seconds then repeat three times. This will prime and fill the filter. 


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