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Hi all,

The driver window is playing up on my 2014 (x351) XJ. When I put the window down it's fine, however trying to put it up is a real issue.  Pulling the button starts to raise the glass then it stops and goes down again.  I'll finally get it closed after a few toys.   I'm guessing it's most likely the switch. 

My questions are:  is this a known fault? Do I need to replace the whole switch module or can it be reset?  Lastly is replacing the switch easy ie doesn't require door card removal.

Thanks all.

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It sounds more like a situation of debris or uneven surface on the runners which would automatically bounce down the windows as though there is an obstruction.

I have got round this in the past by spraying Silicon spray into the guide runners which the glass runs up and down and this has cured it.

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