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Hello everyone on this wet miserable Sunday. Not a Jaguar owner yet but looking at XJ's 2003 -2008. Decided on a 3.0 but information overload has got me looking at 4.0 models. I don't do a great deal of mileage, most of it is motorway or dual carriageway. Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. Seen a few on 20" alloys not really keen on those-look nice but I'm thinking they would affect the ride.

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Hello Paul and welcome. I was also looking for a 2003-2008 XJ, then I found my 3.0 litre S type three weeks ago. It’s a beautiful car and I’m happy I own it, the three litre petrol engine is silky smooth. Of course, the 4.2 v8 will be another level.

Whatever you end up with I’m sure you’ll love it, as I do mine. Good luck in your search.


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Got one at last! 2005 3.0 in dark blue metallic. I love it!! Mileage a bit higher than I would have liked (138k) but its a two owner from you with lots of service history bills and all the handbooks and original documentation. Bought it in Bristol having had a wasted trip to Dudley to view one which bore little resemblance to the advertisement. New front discs and pads fitted (seller paid). There is an annoying rattle coming from somewhere, can't see anything obvious but that's it. Working my way through the handbooks. Fuel consumption nowhere near as bad as I was expecting and I don't even mind being stuck in traffic!

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Paul, our present Leonberger is called Elsa. As you probably already know, the Leonbergers were originally bred from the St Bernard and the Landseer Newfoundland.

Elsa’s transport is a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, which suits her admirably: She even has her own personal air-conditioning vents and settings, intended for the third row of seats (which are of course folded down when she is in residence)!

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