richard warry

2.7 ABS Fault cant conect to codes

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hi i have a 2004 2.7 v6 and loveit to bits but the latest problem has got me stuck

i have stoped using it every day and brake wise it hasnever missed a beat  80 miles a day  but now changed jobe 3 miles from home so wont use the jag but give it a run once a week and use it week ends

all good untill friday drove to work great after work jumped in it drove a fewmiles to the petrol station filled up drove off and all hell broke lose abs lights on gearbox fault etc first thought low battery

but pluged my i car soft reader in and i can check codes for any part of the car except the abs system it wont conect

any idears my thought are the abs unut found a company that will rebuild it to save getting it reprogramed but will cost £200

battery is almost fully charged after 24hours so will try agaig but last atempt was @ 12.10volts so not holding my breath

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low battery, put battery on charge overnight and try it then

low battery on these causes all manner of problems

if your only doing 3 miles on a diesel, it wont put back into the battery, what youve taken out on first startup

I would personaly get a smart charger like a ctek and keep it on charge when not in use, it will keep your battery tip top and you wont get any more issues



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Right update ABS came back no faults checked the loom from the abs to front lights found a bad earth and now i can use the obd11 reder and now i get

steering wheel possision sensor

gearbox ratio wrong

also brought a cheap chinese vacume bleader that goes on an air line and it made bleading the system so easy

so any idears i will charge the battery again just incase

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AT last its done first battery reads 12.3v

after the earth behind the right hand light was cleaned off  after a few shore runs i got rear right abd sender down and steering angle out replaced the ABS sensor but left the battery and steering angle sensor

had a drive and no trouble codes so happy days will keep driving it and hopefuly all finnished

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