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kevin gascoyne

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Hi my name is kevin gascoyne have just joined the group so if i do anything wrong i appolagise in advance.I curently have  astype 2.7 that has got me stumped

in June engine started with the big end noise so i decided to  bite the bullet and  change the engine and gearbox myselfwitch went suprisingly well two days work and had a running car that sounded a treat.so have done 120 miles and all was good Tuesday parked the car up went to start it again and nothing hapening starter moter wont engage  not even a click.have noticed thet the  gear selector has not locked into park now i know if its not in park it wont turn over so am thinking thats where the problem lies but am a bit stuck on where to start.im no machanic but  have been fixing my own cars for the last40 years so can find my way arround.If anyone can help by giving me a heads up  on where to start i would be most greatfull


thanks kevin

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Hi Kevin and welcome to the club.

I am no mechanic and the last time I had parts of an engine on the bench in the shed was about 50 years ago.  But I can give a guess.  It is possible that something very simple that occurred when you were putting things together  --  a screw loose has been known.

Others may be more specific.

Let us know how it goes.



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Well problem solved after 4 hours of chasing wires back to find out nothing about why it does not lock the selector in park  it occurred to cheack for a signal on starter  solenoid and yes there was so solenoid was stuck ga e it a tap and she fired up a treat . So yes got so wrapped up in it being something complicated  over looked the basics. So new starter moter it will be . Thanks




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