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Common XJ Flooding Problem - Tip on How to restart


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Thanks to Paul Bennet on Facebook for this tip!

X308 start it up, move it a short distance, stop. It will not start again as flooded - common X308 problem.

Solution (RAC man showed me) remove fuse F7 (20 amp) in the boot fuse box (fuel pump fuse) - turn the engine a dozen times - replace the fuse and turn engine again - after about 4 or so attempts it should start. That will save people the £50 RAC 'no claims' bonus discount.

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This was not just a problem with the X308, but ALL Jaguars ... even the straight 6 engined. When my 4 litre XJS did that..... removed all the plugs, dry the cylinder out and then pour some 3 in 1 Oil. Put back the plugs and then it started every time ! It wasn't that it was flooded, but the petrol left caused the compression to drop and although the engine seemed to turn over... it did not. The 3 in 1 Oil returns the compression and all is OK !

The trouble with the X308 was, that the engine was covered up and plug access was difficult.

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Off on a slight tangent. I lay my XK8 up over the winter and when I start it after a few months of inactivity I hate the idea of it bursting into life without any Oil in the vital places. In the old days of classic cars a few turns of the starting handle with the ignition off did the trick. I wonder if removing the fuel pump fuse or the injector fuse and spinning the engine before starting would be beneficial.

Any ideas and theories most welcome

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