Intermittent DPF Amber Light

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Hi, driving 2.2 diesel auto. I had just driven about 140 miles on motorways at a very consistent 70 (ish) mph when the DPF warning came on with amber light. Then (bizarrely) it went off when I came into the residential area and trundled along at 30 for a few mins. Car behaved perfectly normal otherwise. Might this be a sign of something more serious? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks. 

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Hi Nathan,

This is rather curious.  It looks like some minor glitch.  If you have an O2BD2 Reader it could probably tell you what it is.

Last week I had a "Restricted Performance" message on my 2.7D S type and I found "Gearbox Fault on my cheao OBD2 reader.  later in the day the "Restriced Performance " message went, but as I was going to Kent for a week I got my mechanic to use his diagnostic tool [expensive one] and he found a reference to "3rd Gear". Curious?  It appears that I was finding a "creep up" to over the speed limit when I was doing an IAMRoadsmart course and I was using the manual function by putting the gearbox into 3rd gear too often.  I put the car into the automatic Drive mode and it behaved perfectly!  

Worth a check.




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Thanks for this Peter and sorry not to reply sooner. I’ve driven another 400 miles with no resurfacing of this problem so hoping all is well and will flag up when I take in for an mot and service which is due soon. Thanks for your help. 

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