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New member - A couple of questions


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Hi everyone and thank you for accepting me.

I have had my XF Sportbrake for 20 months now and I am very happy with it, but, I don't think in the wet weather and handling department it is as good as it should be and I am hoping for some help.

When I bought the car the dealer had just MOT'd it and had put new rear tyres on and in a sense I wish he hadn't as I would have preferred to select my own. I found the car "tramlined" really badly and just didn't feel as secure as I would like. After about a year I put new fronts on and that did improve things significantly as the tyre fitter had suggested it would but still not what I would expect from a Jaguar with wet weather feel just not seeming right. I am now about to replace the rears again and I would really appreciate any feedback you could give me on tyre selection for these cars. I cannot justify the price of premium tyres for this car and so I was looking at Kumho as I have them on my "fun car" (on forum recommendation btw) and find them absolutely brilliant in all conditions. However, it seems that they are summer use only tyres in this size and this is my all year round car. So any suggestions would be gratefully received.

One other question. Ever since new there has been a slight knock from the left front (we think) when going over bumps. the car has now been through two MOTS and I have had three or four garages look for the source, but no one can find anything. Again, I would be grateful for any thoughts.

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tyres, you either buy the brand that are oe,  buy them for best cornering, buy them for their ability in wet conditions, or buy them for their longevity.

You do not say which model of Kumho. 

Personally, I removed the Kumho's, which were fitted to my x type when I bought it, and replaced them with Uniroyal rain sports. Wet weather handling improved dramatically. Dry handling is very good, i am not one of those that tries to take every corner as fast as possible, and have now covered 13000 miles with them and they still look like new. There was a slight increase in road noise.


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I was looking at Ecsta PS71 but I didn't mention them because as I said I am looking for suggestions, what I will say is they are A rated in the wet and having Kumhos on my Porsche I can say their wet weather performance is exceptional. I will certainly look at the Uniroyals now though having had some positive feedback so thanks for that.

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