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DPF Filter problems... again!

Go Girl!

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Any advice or knowledge welcomed please.  

Back in May 2019, my Jaguar F-Pace had a filter problem after getting stuck on the M25 and surrounding ccongested roads for 9 hours, which led to the car going into a local garage to have the filter regenerated locally (Jaguar said they couldn't fit it in for 2-3 weeks).  I have not had a problem since, until yesterday.  

I set off for a journey north on the M1, hit a small amount of trafffic due to an accident, the amber particle warning symbol came up and I was able to drive as suggested over 40 MPH for 20 minutes.  The green symbol came up telling me the filter was clear and had regenerated.  

I continued my journey a good blast up the A1M, no congestion.  When reaching my destination the small amber engine light came on.  A called out the breakdown (as Jaguar had suggested) to get the diagnostics checked.  Nothing came up apart from the regeneration and the amber engine symbol was cleared from my dash board.   

I travelled the 2 hours home on A1M and dual carriageways, without any traffic at all.  I get 5 minutes from home and very surprisingly, the red particle filter light came on the dash board along with the triangular warning light with the exclamation sign in it.

The breakdown company told me to drive home and came to look at it.  They could not regenerate it and it is now in a local garage as Jaguar cant fit it in for 2 weeks!

Has anyone else had problems witht he DPF blocking, I cant understand why, when they car has had a good 4 hours of good motorway driving which is supposed to be good for clearing the filters automatically.

I am beginning to think that there is a problem with these filters.  After only 5 months, I would not have expected my filter to be blocked again.  The car gets a good motorway journey every month at least, and I am beginning to use my chidlren's cars rather than my own around town to prevent filter build up on my car.  

I love my F-pace but its getting ridiculous when I feel I can't take it out for fear of blocking the filter and if motorway journeys aren't able to clear it, then surely there must be a problem with the filters somewhere?

Has anyone else had this problem or can advise me to resolve this issue?

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the dpf block up because the dpf does not get hot enough to burn off the soot inside

if you drive and keep the revs very low, you will always have issues

speed is irrelevant, its revs it needs, so when you on the motorway, keep it in a lower gear so the revs are higher than normal, this will heat up the dpf and allow it to burn off the soot

if its been revved and still having issues, there maybe other problems like split hoses that are stopping it from regening, but the garage should find this



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