Anthony palmowski

Gearbox fault and heater plug light

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Gearbox fault / Been having problems with my 2009 2.2 X-type jag car kept going into limp mode saying Gearbox fault and heater plug light coming on have cured the problem by replacing the EGR valve with a new one which cost me £220 

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Hi Anthony,

EGR valves do get dirty and eventually they have to be replaced,

There are two EGR valves on the 2.7 diesel S Type and I took the step of replacing them both earlier this year.  I do add an additive [Millers Diesel Eco plus] and I do use premium fuel which does keep the system cleaner.  I do a lot of short runs and have never had a problem with the other diesel issue, the Diesel Particulate Filter, the replacement of which is a serious price!.



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