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XJ Engine Problems


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I see a lot of engine damaged XJ and XJL's here in the USA and many of them are sent to salvage auctions. I'm curious as to where I might find information as to why these engines are having such problems. I see all v6 and v8 XJ's ending up in salvge, many with less than 80,000 miles. Such a shame for such a beautiful car. I am looking to buy one at auction but I want to know what I'm in for. Thanks

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Welcome to the Club, Mike.

That seems to be a very difficult fact to assess, as we don't seem to have that problem in the UK, with quite a lot of Jaguars with the V6 engines are getting mileages over 100k miles.

It will be interesting to hear from other members.  

I do now that my S Type   --- all models have the V6 and V8 engines --- is the best car I have ever had and I have been driving fo almost 60 years.

Let us hope we do see some feed back.



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