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Mute Radio problem


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Hi Joe here

New to jag owners club. I have a 2008 XJR owned since 2009. I foolishly allowed my battery to ron flat. Now my 

Key Fobs no longer work and my radio is muted (I  have no Mute Button) and reported no Phone installed.

Tried a reset without result




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usually charging the battery fully cures this, but you may need to get it plugged in to read codes, they may just want reseting

have you tried switching the ignition on and pressing the button on the remotes, then switch ignition of and try them



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just found this, maybe worth trying




These instructions are suitable for XJ XJ6 XJ8 XJR and XJ TDV6 models 2003-2010

The procedure to program the remote fob or fobs is very simple and should take less than one minute. No tools are required.

All remote fobs available must be present when the car is in programming mode, so that they can be programmed at the same time as the new fob. Any fobs that have previously been programmed to the car will need reprogramming at a later date if they are not available when carrying out the following procedure.

1. Enter the car and sit in the Drivers seat.

2. Place the key in the ignition.

3. Hold the headlight flasher arm back – the blue “high beam” light will come on the dashboard and the headlights will come on.

4. Keep holding the headlight flasher back and turn the ignition key to position 1.

5. Release the flasher, and then flash the headlights FOUR TIMES. You will hear a “Beep” on the fourth flash of the headlight – this is to confirm that the car has entered Programming Mode.

6. Program each transmittor by pressing any button on each fob ONCE. You will hear a “Beep” to confirm the car has programmed to the fob.

7. The remotes are now ready to use.

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