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X260 brake squeal!


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2019 UK X260 25t Sportbrake.

Been very pleased with my XF which I've had for nearly 12 months, having covered 10,500 miles.However, for the last couple of thousand miles I have been experiencing a very loud brake squeal for the first couple of miles after moving off when coming to a stop. It stops once there's some heat in the brakes, but a drive to the shops and back around our estate, slowing for junctions and then parking the car is a truly embarrassing experience, the car certainly turns heads, but for all the wrong reasons. I've now resorted to feathering the brake pedal with my left foot for the first couple of hundred yards to build some heat up, but I shouldn't have to be doing this.

I had it booked into the dealer a few weeks ago for a couple of minor warranty issues and mentioned it to them. 'Ah, the famous brake squeal!' they exclaimed, and showed me a TSB which said it was entirely normal, due to 'modern materials and manufacturing techniques' (and other similar bullsh*t), and JLR would not allow it to be dealt with as a warranty issue.

To my mind this is ridiculous, the noise is very loud and it's truly embarrassing to drive what purports to be a premium car with this noise. Above all it's an extremely poor advertisement for the Jaguar brand, particularly as my situation is obviously not unique. Given the situation, I would have thought that JLR would be taking every possible step to prevent damage to the reputation of the brand.

I emailed JLR customer service with my complaint (I've no issue with the dealer, who so far have been very helpful and sympathetic, but they'd charge for cleaning the brakes), and I've just had a response in a phone call from one of their reps. 'As it resolves itself within a couple of miles it's not an issue or manufacturing defect and we will not entertain warranty claims'. I disagreed, very strongly - it's clearly a design fault! They won't have it though.

I love Jaguars, and the XF, (my son was on the development team for the original model and wrote the software) and I also own an XK8. However unless JLR start to accept responsibility my next new car will not be a Jag. Next stop - Trading Standards I think.

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