Newbie looking for XFRS

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Evening all,

New to this forum and looking for advice and tips on purchasing one of the XFRS saloon version this year.

Not in any rush, company car XE due to expire this year so have time on my side to do the research and find the right car for me.

Apart from the usual things like car history etc, what are the things i really need to look out for when hunting one down. Any key service milestones for belts, pumps etc any tail tell signs sound or other I should look out for.

Lastly, price been looking on auto trader for 4 months or so now, odd is the pricing assume this is due to there only being 140 or so still registered in the UK, but good to get any advice on price to make sure dont pay too over even for the right one.

Assuming prices for these beasts also not going to drop too much if mileage kept reasonable and they are well looked after, I usually service any performance car every 6 months to try and help avoid any oh dears.

In the west Yorkshire region so will need to find decent garage to look after the services, never get the time to do it myself (probably a good thing, rushing on a car service is never good).

Will look through historical posts too, assume given there arent many some for sale may have been owned by people here in the past.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Darren....welcome to the Club

Great choice of car...the XFRS is definitely one to be reckoned with !

I think you definitely have the right idea with regards to over-servicing as this will lead to a greater reliability and drivability and usually show up anything untoward occurring hopefully before it becomes an (expensive) issue.

Keep us updated on your search for 'the right car' and good luck

Cheers,  Trevor

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Thanks Trevor, funny enough looked at one yesterday, been in an XFS before but the XFRS really surprised me....

1) its really comfortable

2) its surprisingly quiet when inside, in D mode, just driving normally

3) does look meaner in the flesh.

Then you unleash the beast, talk about Jekyll and Hyde, pulls like a train and gets a tad louder!

Deposit down, could not fault the car few wear and tear minor defects (less than expected for a car 6 years old), no nasty smoke from cold or after test drive, gear changes all smooth in D S and manual. Been serviced to the schedule and every 6k or so.

Independent mechanic out tomorrow, if its good, will be a proud owner by next weekend. 



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