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MotorEasy Warranty

John gray

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Dear Forum

I own a 63 plate F- type. It’s the 3.0litre R model and has done around 15000 miles.

Recently it broke down. Breakdown called and said cylinder 4 was misfiring. I have a 3 year warranty with MotorEasy. Big mistake on my part.

it was taken to one of their recommended garages, who were fine. They diagnosed a faulty fuel injector which in turn had damaged the heat pack and the spark plug for that cylinder. Cost £1400. On the morning the car was being recovered it started OK and no misfire.

after a couple of days had passed I spoke to MotorEasy who said that because the car started when cold and only started to misfire as the engine warmed up that the injector was ‘faulty’ and was therefore a maintenance issue and not covered by the warranty but  if the car had misfired on cold it would have meant that the injector had ‘failed’ and that the warranty would then have been honoured. They will not listen to reason. 

The garage told me that when starting the car a choke initially delivers the petrol then the injector kicks in when the engine warms up. Motoreasy are insisting that is not the case bearing in mind they are an insurance company.

i have told them I have checked with Jaguar direct just to confirm that the injector cannot be maintained, it either works or it doesn’t. Jaguar of course confirmed that but MotorEasy sent a reply about jaguar dealerships that was shocking. Unfortunately I cannot use to copy it on this forum for legal reasons 

Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully appreciated



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Modern cars don't have chokes any more or even a choke enrichment injector

choke is provided by all  the injectors, as they are slightly richer, when running from cold, controlled by a cold engine map

if you check, there are only the injectors, no choke injector, cars have not had choke injector for over 20 years now, due to cost, cats and emissions, they not a very accurate way to add fuel

problem with most warranties is they are not worth the paper there written on, you have to check the warranty book before making the claim

you will know for next time, either way though, they should pay up, as the injector still failed, irrelevant of whether it was on first start up or mid driving, it still failed

usually the main dealer warranties are the only good ones, but they cost the most



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Hello Joe

Thank you very much for this information. It was actually the mechanics at the garage that repaired the car that told us that the car had a start up choke. I will take your advice and thanks again  


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