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Faulty rear parking aid and two loose plugs in boot - what are they?


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I am trying to get the rear parking aid on my recently purchased 2007 STR to work. I can hear a beep for a few seconds when I go into reverse which I understand is evidence that there is something wrong, but none of the four sensors work or click when I go close. My OBD scanner has identified three faults in the Parking Aid Module including (a) C1170 Rear right center sensor fault, (b) B1299 Power supply sensor – circuit short to ground, and (c) B2477 Control module configuration failure. Any thoughts on how I could fix this would be gratefully received; for instance, is changing the faulty sensor likely to sort out the problem or is the module also likely to be faulty?

While rummaging around in the boot, I found two leads which I have labelled Plug A (on the left) and plug B (on the right) coming off the wire harness which goes across the back of the boot. Neither are plugged in anywhere, and in fact I cannot find anywhere nearby for them to be plugged into. Does anyone know what these two wires are for? Do all S-Types have them and they are meant to be connections for options which my car does not have? Again, any thoughts would be most welcome.







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I'd more than likely a faulty module and a sensor

damp in the boot causes modules to fail

Plug A is a aux power socket, for accessories like a tracker

plug B is for transit relay, only used when new for shipping and transporting, isolates the battery, when keys are removed

and is also "missing lead", drivers side, by battery, is a aux socket, with a earth, permanent 12v and a switch 12v



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I have changed the rear parking sensor module for a second hand one I bought from a Jag specialist on eBay and was told it was working.

The situation now is that there is no longer a 3 second beep when I go into reverse, but the sensors are still not clicking or working.

I repeated the OBD scan, and now only one fault is logged in the Parking Aid Module: B1299 Power supply sensor – circuit short to ground (this was one of the three faults with the old module). The scanner recommends that the power circuit to the module should be checked for a short circuit to ground and the wiring harness repaired.

The wiring harness in the vicinity of the module looks OK to me. Does anyone have any thoughts on where this short circuit is likely to be? Is the fact that I no longer get the 3 second beep when going into reverse mean that the parking sensor module must be OK?

Thanks for any help.


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