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Jaguar XE Rsport 20,000 miles 20 months old 

massive oil leak caused by poor workmanship at a jaguar dealer when it had balance shafts replaced 

Jaguar service plan for 2yr 21k and 4yr 42k service but wasn’t through emas and they refused to honour it 

Took to an independent for early service as had a smell of oil and main dealers wouldn’t book it in due to Covid-19 

Independant JLR specialist confirmed it was a bad leak and said all brakes were badly corroded and worn and needed replaced 

Brake bleed nipples seized in callipers when had fluid changed due to corrosion on callipers but they did free them 

JLR Assistance were called and was told by Mohammed that is could not be driven and that he would arrange it to go straight into dealers 

car has been with them 4 weeks to rectify the oil leak and it did get complicated as other dealer wanted photos at every stage to authorise and pay for the work 

dealer submitted warranty claim to JLR regarding brake discs pads and callipers and got a “not covered “ response and the lacquer peeling from wheels is caused by kerbing even though it’s peeling everywhere and no damage anywhere near the scuffs 

JLR customer service experience agent  Matt Arnold will only correspond via email 2 days after I email him and is point blank refusing to do anything 

I would appreciate some help and advice from you guys on how to resolve this without having to spend £1800 on front brakes £1600 on rears and £600 on the wheels as £3900 is a lot to shell out on a car of its age with the mileage 







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The issues you have with the brakes and wheels are common. There have been several Topix notifications on the requirements to replace under warranty and I suspect that JLR are having so many claims that they have tightened up their liabilities and put all claims under wear and tear. The wheels are also a problem but again they will say wear and tear due to stone chips and salty water ingress. The brakes issue should need a clean up and paint of the calipers and if discs are required with pads (again wear and tear) should cost around £420 for the rears and similar for the fronts. I assume the ridiculous quotes you have had are for the whole set up inc the calipers. Sadly the photos do show corrosion in such a way that it implies salt corrosion. I understand that this may not be the case and I would try Customer Services again and speak to someone there. On another forum there is also a link to JLR CS and you may find joing that forum also useful and show others there what you are experiencing.  https://www.xeforums.co.uk/search.php?search_id=active_topics  I think you may find that CS will respond after a few days. I don't think I have seen such bad corrosion.

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