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2010 3.0d XF restricted performance


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Hi there, hopefully I've posted this in the correct place; been ages since I've been on here and even had to reset password 😄

I'm hoping that someone with more experience of XFs might be able to give me some pointers. Having looked at previous posts I could be looking at intercooler failure, intercooler hose, inlet manifolds or secondary turbo actuator pivot seized.


So, here goes; Wednesday. I'd just come off the M25 and onto the M11, opened her up and felt a hesitation as I accelerated. I knew what was coming- a red 'restricted performance' warning. Hoping it was a glitch I stopped at the next services, locked the car, grabbed a coffee and hoped it would reset on restarting. Alas no. So drove all the way back to Peterborough on restricted performance. 


Yesterday I checked for fault codes and was faced with the following:

P2263-22 Turbo/supercharge boost system performance. 


10 miles later a second code was logged:

P006A-00 Manifold absolute pressure- mass or volume air flow correlation.

This code I would assume is a result of the first code and problem as the ECU has noticed that the reading from the MAF is not what is expected.


Probably totally irrelevant but maybe not, 10k miles earlier two codes were logged at the same time, P22D3-77 Turbocharger turbine inlet valve stuck closed, and P22CF-71, Turbocharger turbine inlet valve control circuit- Open.


Having cleared the codes I took her for a run today to see what would be logged and the only code which came up was P0006-00 (MAP)

Needing to nip to the shops I reluctantly drove her and this time the engine management light came on as well as the restricted performance message. When I returned I checked the codes and had the following:

P0006A-00 (MAP) this code now has a indicator next to it denoting that this is what has caused the engine management light to be illuminated.

The second code is P2263-22 Turbo/supercharge boost system performance.


I'm still thinking that P0006A-00 is a code resulting from the problem and the cause is whatever has resulted in 

P2263-22. Seized actuator maybe? I had to do the other actuator last year, the one mounted just in front of the crank pulley as the pivot on the arm had seized solid.


So, before I start stripping down tomorrow, any advice would be appreciated, thank you.            

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Hi Robert,

I've just been through an almost identical experience with my 2011 XF-S. I don't have a code reader, so can't confirm the exact codes involved, but the effect was similar to what you describe.

End result was a new turbo valve, followed by a new cam cover and gasket set, all fitted by my local(ish) independent dealer.

Now runs better than ever!

MOT on Monday though - eek!

Good luck!


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Thanks Jon,

Out of interest, what did it cost you at the independent and how long did it take before she was back on the road?

Am sure you'll be fine MOT wise, mine has sailed through the two MOTs since I've owned her. 

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