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Bluetooth, power socket and CD changer.

Dean Sands

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Hi folks, I've recently bought a 2007 Sovereign estate 2.0 diesel. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help please. I can't connect any phones to the car. I've entered the code ##3*# then pressed the green send icon on the screen and..... Nothing. Display shows No BT Phone. Next one is the power socker/!Removed! lighter, it's missing and I'd like to fit an original one or equivalent. The wiring is there and supplying power. In fact if anyone has a complete ashtray compartment with a clean lid in either wood effect or grey and a matching manual gearshift gaiter with surround I'd bite your hand off for them. 

Last topic, CD changer. My sovereign doesn't have one and probably never had one as there's no visible spare wiring and plugs when I remove the trim at the nav unit. How much of a pain is it to obtain a changer and all wiring? 

Thanks in advance. Dean. 

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Use your phone's bluetooth to look for "Jaguar". If it doesn't appear you don't have the kit fitted. Easy and cheap to do.

Likewise, CDC is easy and cheap to fit, as is Voice control.

You'd need to code them in using the Jaguar diagnostics but that's a simple procedure taking no more than 20 minutes.

The wiring is almost certainly built in. I've been doing these mods on S and X and XJ for years and never yet found an X-type without the wiring.

You'll have to add / extend the fibre optics but again, dead easy.

All parts readily available.

Let me know If I can be of help

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Thanks for the info.

Both of my Android fones can't pick up "Jaguar" in the bluetooth list so looks like the kit isn't fitted.

I don't suppose you would know where I can find everything I need to get bluetooth and CD changer up and running? Thanks again.

While I'm here, at some point the cigarette lighter socket has been removed leaving the hole and wiring where it should be. Wiring is fine so I'm after a new ashtray trim piece with cigarette lighter socket and matching gear lever gaitor with plastic surround for a manual car. The colour of the ones in the car are a kind of silver grey colour but I'm not bothered if someone has the wood trim effect or silver parts. As long as they are in good clean condition as mine are badly scratched.

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Thanks Paul, If I get all the parts is there any fitting instructions around? I know where the CDC fits into but don't know where the other parts are located.

I can't thank you enough for the help so far, much appreciated.

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12 hours ago, Raistlin said:

No worries, I'll brief you as required.

Are you able to splice optical cables or would you prefer a plug and play solution?

I think plug and play is my best option thanks. I've ordered the parts from the links you gave. Waiting for the bid to end on the CDC. 

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Those were only examples .🙂

OK, while waiting, please check your electronics stack (boot, left side) looking for a D2B cable. Either plugged in or terminated.

Have you got sat nav?

I'm guessing you'll need a 1 to 3 D2B link but I'll need this info before committing to buy the D2B.

If you can take pictures of the area around the stack with the trim removed it would help.

If you were driving down the M6 in the near future, I'd sort it all out for you but it's a long way to drive, even in a Jaguar 😉

The image shows typical D2B cable


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That looks OK 🙂

Once the modules arrive you'll find associated connectors tucked in to the loom.

You will need a 1 to 4 D2B cable as well. You might have to get a couple of smaller ones and splice them to what you want. This I can do and post to you if required.

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Hi Paul,

Been quite busy with work last few days.

I've got the 4-1 D2B cable, next I'll need the CDC as I got outbid on the last one. As soon as I get a CDC I'll start to piece it all together in the car. I only hope all the electrical connectors are tucked up in the loom at the back.

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