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air bag light


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Good Afternoon,

2006 3litre petrol Stype 54000 miles.

If I go over a large pothole ,speed bump,  or brake harshly my Airbag light comes on,   sometimes all the time other times flashing.  When I start up it is clear until one of the fore going happens.

Should I worrry??  The airbag doesn't go off up to now!!!!!!

Thank you  Grumpy 1941

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Counting the flashes will equate to a code eg. 2 flashes, a short pause and 2 flashes, long pause and then repeated will give a airbag code of 2-2.

Once you have the code we can then get you in a particular area to look for the problem. Most likely problem, from your description, would be the clockspring within the steering wheel.

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Good Morning,

After I received a reply to my post about the airbag warning light {thank you Jim v8 } it did not flash any more but went to solid light.

I drove over a large pot hole and it lit up again,  did a longish journey {30 miles} and it stayed on ,on the return journey it was off!

A week later it was lit up again!  I then had a "light bulb" moment {my few brain cells do work sometimes!!} and used my trusty C tek and charged my battery - result light gone.

I know we blame the battery for every thing but this time I think it was justified.  Posted this in case somebody has the same problem at some time.


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