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V8 Premium to put back on the road.... help!

Fiona Walker

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Hello everyone - my son and I are soon to inherit his late dad's 2010/11 XF V8 Premium.  Excellent - I know from experience I love the drive, and our son is desperate to get his 18 year old hands on the wheel albeit insurance issues might delay that somewhat. 
My reason for joining/posting, though, is to get advice from people who might very well know, what's the best thing we can do to get the car back on the road.  It's been sitting in our garage, with no battery conditioning/charging, only dust covers to keep it from exterior damage.  For going on for four years.  Not the best, we know that, but a long-drawn-out Will process has meant no choice in the matter.  
I was thinking the best might be to contact the local Jag dealership & pay whatever it takes to get them to pick up or start it, get it to them and have a service, new tyres if needed, etc.  
What does anyone think?  (or is there a better forum within the group I should post in?)
Fingers crossed someone can help :) 

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Hi Fiona, very sorry for your loss. Personally I wouldn’t go near a Jaguar dealer. 

A few things to consider,

tyres, 4 years in one spot equals flat spots - may need four new ones.

fuel, whatever was in the tank will probably have gone off and will need flushing and a new filter.

battery, dead as a dodo - will need a new one.

Look for a recommended Jaguar Specialist in your area and you won’t get ripped off.

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Thanks Jimbov8.  It crossed my mind a main dealership wouldn't be the cheapest route but the car had always been main dealer serviced previously.  How on earth would I know who is a recommended Jaguar specialist?  Recommended by who?  For sure I don't want to get ripped off! 
I'd factored in potentially tyres, battery, service.  Hadn't thought of the fuel or filter or any other stuff.  But I accept it might need it.   So very likely need someone to pick it up or do the very basics (jump start, siphon fuel/refill?)  actually at home to get it on the road then new battery and all the rest once it's at a garage?    Very grateful for your input.    Just have to look at it that it's one more first world nightmare to overcome!  

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