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rear door lock


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On 9/22/2020 at 3:39 PM, buster54 said:

my 2010 xf rear n/s door will only lock by hand not with the fob any ideas


Probably the actuator, they seem to lose the power in the little electric motors that move the mechanism.

Do you have the keyless entry type?

Try clicking the fob button to lock the doors and then look at the door release lever locking lever on the inside of the rear n/s door to see if it has gone all the way in as it should when locking, if it is not going fully in I suspect the actuator to be failing.

When mine started to fail it would not lock the door but could lock manually, when unlocking it worked fine for a while then started to fail doing that too.

It might be worth checking the o/s door as well as both of mine failed quite close together.

Hope this helps.

Regards Martin.

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