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Hi all, new to the forum and more than willing to share my experience in the newer stuff. That being said I am a JLR Technician but have limited knowledge in the older vehicles and systems. 

So here’s my problem, my uncles x-type is a non-runner. He said that when it cut out the glow plug light flashed and the engine briefly over revved, so my initial thought maybe turbo.

Removed intake box and pipe work and the turbo was stiff to move..but may have been Oil pressure in the bearing. Removed the turbo releasing Oil pressure and it span freely so I refit it and crank the engine. Turbo inlet vanes didn’t move...Question 1...should they spin under cranking as to my knowledge it has exhaust gases travelling past the vanes and would thus spin the inlet side?

Anyway, removed EGR valve from the inlet manifold and cranked the engine to confirm air flow (sucking when covered) so air is getting through the engine and has compression on all four cylinders.

Removed leak off pipes and cranked the engine and little or no fuel flowed out of the injectors. Question 2..how much fuel would you expect on these engines to escape via leak off on cranking? 

I haven’t yet removed the injectors to inspect them but if questioning as to whether the fuel pump has disintegrated like it does on the Fords.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this and any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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