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I've just replaced my 2004 s type with a 2009 X type 2.2 diesel.  It has not got the J gate shift but just P,R,N and D.  Looking at some pictures on eBay it suggests that it is tiptronic.  Handbook only shows J gate, can anyone help me out please?


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Hi Steve, I have the same model. The selector lever operates in 3 modes. 1) with lever positioned nearest to you its in full auto mode, just select D or R and away you go.

2) If you move the selector over to the left it selects sport mode. This holds lower gears and then goes into auto mode.

3) With the selector still over to the left you can move it forward or backwards to select manual mode with display showing the gear you are in.

4) To go back into auto move selector to position nearest to you.

Hope this helps.



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