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I had an accident and damaged my right hand side. I changed both right hand side door after that my doors are not lock only lock front passenger side door. Since then my central Locking system doesn't work. I'm assuming that i have to reset something. The key is communicating with the car, so its not to do with the key.MY CAR IS JAGUAR XF 2008.

When you sit in the car and try and lock the car using the dash buttons - Nothing.


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I think if you have changed the door control modules they will need programming to the car. Not sure if that can be done by any garage or if it needs a Jag dealer or specialist.

Hopefully there will be someone more knowledgeable along to help 🙂



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If you can’t change over the modules from the damaged doors to the new doors, then yes, you will need to get them reprogrammed.

In order:

dealer - super expensive

specialist - not as expensive

somebody with a mongoose cable - couple of pints

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