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  1. I bought some Just over a tenner per door Work a treat
  2. If you can’t change over the modules from the damaged doors to the new doors, then yes, you will need to get them reprogrammed. In order: dealer - super expensive specialist - not as expensive somebody with a mongoose cable - couple of pints
  3. Sounds to me, and from your description, that you have two problems You said that you had to press hard on the button to lock it and the unlock button was fine? This indicates that the actual button was failing, not the whole fob Do the boot and headlight buttons work ok? Try both fobs You also say that you have to put the fob in the slot for the car to see it. This is a totally separate problem. there is a transponder in the fob, it could be the glass type or plastic, I don’t know, but this is not connected to the fob battery in any way. Some folk say it is, but it isn’t - trust me. The car is sending a unique signal out all the time and this induces a tiny voltage in the transponder which, in turn, sends a signal which the car recognises, letting you start the car it’s pretty unlikely that the transponders in both fobs have failed, so the problem, I think lies with the car’s receiver which is in the dash, close to the slot in my humble opinion, I don’t thing shelling out a small fortune will fix all your problems, you can get the buttons on your fobs fixed, do a search for keyfob repairs, you can also get the switches from ebay for a few bob and do it yourself This is the longest reply I’ve ever written!!
  4. These tend to be the classic faults from a duff battery
  5. It’s a total rip off... you can buy new motors around £10-£15 per door from ebay and fix it yourself
  6. You should’nt have any judder at all check bushes for wear, front and back bent suspension bits, front and back same brand tyres and over/under inflation
  7. If you had a code reader, it would tell you on that
  8. Remember it locks twice, it could be the deadlocking...
  9. Test EVERYTHING and make sure it all works! if it does, buy it. These cars are great don’t worry about all the problems you read on forums, these are always the minority of cars built, the majority of cars you’ll never hear about is because they work
  10. Suspect a parking sensor if you have a code reader, plug it in and it will tell you other than that, you’re just throwing money at it and hoping...
  11. Unknown, but it could be a battery problem It could be waiting for enough charge in the battery before it fires up I would check my battery
  12. There’s something wrong with one of your door locks If you have passive unlocking, lock your doors normally (get the double beep) put your fob at least 5 metres away and try all your doors and boot. The one that opens is the faulty lock Be prepared for the alarm going off...
  13. The boot doesn’t fully open, it just pops the lock you’ve got to handimatically lift it
  14. Believe it or not, I read somewhere that a small dead insect was found rattling about inside one of these lights switching it on and off. Yours could be the same