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xe 2.5t petrol start up sequence issue


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My first post, so here goes. I have a 2017 XE 2.5t petrol and love the look and way it drives. Had it 12 months now and still under warranty for another 12 months. During the last 2 months an intermitent issue has arisen where the car runs through the start up sequence and appears to miss fire before the revs drop down to idle as usual. On pulling away the car had limited acceleration and random gear changes at the wrong times. If i pull over, turn the car off and start it up again the problem goes. Had it serviced last month and no faults were recorded by the car and no warning lights or messages have so far appeared. Has anyone else had this same issue, if so what was the cause and or fix for it?

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There is a possibilty that the software has been corrupted and needs reloading. Several owners have had this issue. There will be misfires and then power loss which gradually will get worse. there is also the possibility of it being the O2 sensors causing the problem, or a faulty injector.

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