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Be Gentle, I'm new here...


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Evening All, just been having a browse around and thought I'd register having recently purchases a 2005 S-Type, very much a heart over head purchase.

No real dramas so far, few little jobs to be done and maybe a retrofit or two, so I thought I'd find a forum to pester. I was fairly active on a couple of Rover 75 forums a few years ago before I dallied with some 4x4's and I seem to recognise quite a few similar names over here (could just be a coincidence of course...).

Anyway, pleased to be here, hello one and all!

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Hi Paul, Yours was one of the names I recognised.....I was on the75andztclub site to begin with for a few years and the Enthusiasts site for a little while. This seems a natural progression somehow. I'm going to take a look, I think probably the first little project will be the CDC, then perhaps phone / bluetooth modules. Still finding my feet with everything. The one benefit I carry over from the Range Rover is that I have a Foxwell NT520 diag tool which should cover the S Type too.

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I did all of those retrofits and more on the S-Types. Let me know if I can help. I also use the Jaguar diagnostics and can set it up (properly) on a laptop if you decide to go that way.

What was your username on 75 zt club?



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