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Hi everyone just a not so  quick thank you and introduction my name is Ged I fell in love with jaguar when at the age of 16 my boss owned one and he occasionally gave me a lift in it, the smell of the green leather and the wood, the beautifully smooth ride, I loved everything about that old Jag, only now have I been able to afford one, I bought a 58 plate Xf diesel ( my first ever Jag) with 56k on the clock and a full jaguar service history, the very first thing I did was fill it with fuel and Wednesday I was out most of the day in the Yorkshire dales wandering round, I have to be honest I’m very late to my Jaguar, my hobby was riding motorcycles and cars we’re just a tool to do a job but an unsuccessful spine operation has put pay to my motorcycling career and I’ve gone on to take my IAM advanced test ( I hold both ROSPA and an IAM advanced qualifications on motorcycles) , it was during my training that I realised that your car should be somewhere it’s nice to be and so I turned to Jaguar and I’m still smiling now, I know my XF is old and isn’t a particularly fast car, but my god is it a nice place to be when wafting over the dales 


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Welcome to the club, Ged.

I too wanted a Jaguar, particularly when I saw a friend getting busy with a Mk 1 and getting it fit for the road. That was in 1963!

It took some years with Motor cycles, company cars before I got my first Jaguar.

Bill Lyons, who was the Founder of Jaguar Cars, and also from Lancashire [like me] said that his Jaguar  cars had Grace, Space and Pace, so don't worry about your XF which only has a top speed of 141 mph.  What is more important is that your car has Grace!

I have an S Type with a 2.7 Diesel [07 plate] which I have enjoyed for over 7 years - and which I intend to keep till  I  finish driving! [I also have my certificates from ROSPA and IAM].

My Jaguar knows the Trough of Bowland well, and my visit there this years was cancelled by the Corona Virus!

Just continue enjoying your car.









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