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IN Control

Derek Hurst

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Can anyone give ma a solution to this.

My incontrol app works in everyway except recording of journeys. It has been fine for 4 years but has not recorded since end of August.

I have deleted most of the recorded journeys incase the memory was full, but not helped. I have contacted Jaguar but never get a reply.

Any help appreciated. All other functions work fine.

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Hi Derek,


have you tried uninstalling the app from the phone and reinstalling? Also you could try you could try an incar reset by pressing and holding the right overhead call button until the light stops flashing around 15 seconds. It may still connect to Jag rescue but tell them you are just resetting the Incontrol. From memory you have to lock the car then unlock and drive the car around 3 miles and uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone.  The other thing is charge the battery and then go for a drive WITHOUT uninstalling anything. That sometimes kicks it back in. I usually wait a day or so and miraculously it all starts working again.

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I have just had 6 journeys not recorded over the past week and then all of a sudden they appeared. I put it down to company car users hogging the servers and not logging out when doing their expenses. It regularly does this at the last few days of a month and the first few days. Then all is OK for another month.

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