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FM radio interference when HRW is switched on.

Shane Evans

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Hi Everyone,

                   new guy here looking for some help.I have a 2006 XJ6. All electrics are working perfectly however as soon as I switch the heated rear window on the FM radio reception turns to white noise. No sooner I switch it off the reception is perfect again. I know that years ago I used to have to replace the in line choke (I think it was called) but I know it won't be that simple in a a more modern car, especially a Jag..Any advice please..Thanks a lot


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Hi Shane

Yes, replacing the inline suppression choke would work but you can also get an external one which overlays the wiring and shields it from interference.
When I bought a Nextbase Dashcam I'm sure it came with a carbon suppressor choke

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on 

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