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Hi all, I'm after an xj (newer shape) and thought I'd ask the gurus what I should be looking out for; I now have a 100 mile commute so the xj seems like luxury compared to my current cars (300zxtt, celica Gt4, fiesta St 330hp, corolla tsport track).

Any advice on the best years to go for, any major issues or updates between model years (there seem to be lots of very low mileage examples from 2012-2015 but also looking at the newer 2018 ones. Also the trim levels seem a bit confusing and want massage seats ideally. 

Fuel isn't an issue as work pays for it and I have a budget of roughly 500 a month with my car allowance so anything up to 30k.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi  Jonny and welcome to the club.

The XJ is a fine car - the leader of the Jaguar Brand.  I see one regularly in the local supermarket.

The engines in use on all models are solid and what I would look for is the top of the range interior.

My S Type is 13 years old and has top end seating and is very comfortable and has little wear showing.



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