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Shark fin antenna

Tom G

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Hi I was just cleaning the car today and noticed there is a fair bit of movement side to side and up and down on this.  Is this just a plastic cover or should this be tight?



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47 minutes ago, Taurian said:

It should be tight, but I have no idea how you would tighten it.  Probably best to ask a main dealer if it something you are able to do without disturbing the head lining.

Thanks it’s still under warranty so I will get them to look at it. 

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Hi Tom

 The shark fin should be tight.

It is quite easy to do:

Remove the rear interior light (prize out the plastic bit and once removed  the light assembly slides and drops out).

If you look through the lining you can see two nuts (10mm spanner I think).

Tighten the nuts and job done, it will take you about 15 minutes.  Hope that helps.


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