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Bluetooth and audio unit issues

Witham X-Type

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my xtype 2008 se 2.0 litre diesel the bluetooth phone link has stopped working the display says I don’t have a phone fitted but it does and was working. I disconnected the battery for 5 mins to see if that would cure it, it didn’t and the. I couldn’t adjust the clock as this was not in the touchscreen menu.

I read on various forms about pressing the phone and menu button to get into the menu and entering 1971 to see the menu. As other forums had said the head unit didn’t know what car it was in so I made sure it was on 400 and then pressed the button for the phone was selected. When I can out the display said “communication issue contact dealer” so I turned everything off and on again and went back onto the menu, I have managed to get the clock back and it now shows the right time but it won’t stay on the right model or remember the selected phone.

my thought are it is the unit itself is faulty what can anyone else suggest? I will check it again on the morning but I bet it won’t remember what model it’s in or the selected phone


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