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Tuning a 2.5v6 estate with new exhaust


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I have a very nice condition well maintained low mileage (59K) black estate which has started to grow on me. I was going to upgrade to an XF but have become increasingly impressed with the grip of the AWD system in the wet weather and would like to see if I can get a bit more power and better economy from the 2.5 litre petrol engine. I've seen replacement rear silencers from Adamesh and bespoke stainless systems from Proflow Exhausts in Brierly Hill in W Midlands but don't know what the results are. Are they just noisier or do they actually provide better performance and economy, as I'd like both!

Not sure I want to go into the realms of chip upgrades as they seem expensive for not a lot of extra power.

Has anyone done some exhaust changes and got more power and better economy?

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There no gains to be had on normally aspirated cars with out spending big money

should have gone for the 3.0

remap will only give a couple of hp and as for exhaust next to nothing, a couple hp again. not worth the money for so little gains

exhaust upgrade on the V6 only just make more noise and dont sound the best on a V6, like they do on a V8



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