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s type alarm fault


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i have a 2006 s type diesel.the past week or so having problem with alarm going off.ive disconnected the car horn as my neighbors were complaining.but i still have the passive alarm going off back of driver side wheel arch. im trying to find if there is a fuse i can pull to turn off the alarm untill i can get into garage after christmas. my car battery was dead this morning so bought new battery but alarm going off. i did have boot warning open light on but this has since gone so probably this is the fault.i just need quick fix to stop alarm going off i.e pull fuse

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This ia a common problem as cars get older, its usually the the battery that fails in the active sounder,

usually gives loads of ramdom faults, easiest way to fix is disconnect the the active sounder, under the fusebox in the engine bay

you could get a replacement sounder, but odds are it would fail as the battery inside them are well past it now

new sounder do pop up every now and then, but not often

personally I would just unplug the sounder, there not really a theft risk these days



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