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Tyre advice please


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hi all

i have Pirelli 285/30/ZR20’s Jaguar rated  on the car and  I need to replace the rear pair soon

would members recommend sticking to the same brand all round and if I went to another brand for the rear two what would members recommend 

the car is in light use all the year round doing about 3000 miles per year 



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Hi David. I have had Continental Sport Contact on mine for six years now, the present set being replaced a few months ago.

I am very happy with them, but of course we all drive differently, so may have different requirements. I do a similar mileage to yourself (though only 800 this year) and drive as a Grand Tourer, though in a spirited manner.

I have always stuck to the same brand all round, though would probably change an axle at a time if the tyres on an axle had loads of tread left: I did replace the fronts at the same time as the backs: They could have waited another year, but were getting fairly near to the point where I would have changed them anyway.

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As advised on another forum I replaced my rears (Pirelli) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S about 6 months ago and I'm delighted with them.

When I bought the car, it was fitted with 295/35 R20 Y tyres, so I replaced like for like.

I bought them from Blackcircles at £350 for the pair including fitting.

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