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Newbie here!

Marcus Furlong

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Hi, i'm Marcus Furlong and i have had my 2016 2 litre tdi XF Portfolio for almost a month. I love the car inside and out! (see pic)

I have noticed that my start stop isn't working or at least hasn't operated at all. I've done around 700 miles so far but all short...ish trips with the lockdown etc.The car has just gone past 20,000 miles.

Is this normal? Don't get me wrong i detest stop start but realise it could be a symptom of other issues....battery, ecu etc.

Cheers folks.

Jag 7.jpg

Jag 4.jpg

Jag 1 - Copy.jpg

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Hi Marcus, and welcome to the Club.

Given your short trips, this is not surprising. The battery needs to be fully charged for stop start to work, and at this time of year we tend to be using our wipers, lights, climate control fans, heated windows etc a lot, not to mention the additional power required to start the car, so lots to drain the battery.

So my guess is that it is nothing to worry about. However, if you bought with a warranty you might as well get it checked, given that you have had it less than a month.

Enjoy both the car and the Club!

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Good morning Marcus and welcome to the Club

You should get it checked out if you have a warranty, you'll be told that there are a few different things that may cause the Start/Stop not to work.

Like the weather maybe too hot or too cold or the engine needs to get up to temperature, but the most common fault is the Battery which has to be 85% charged or above i think.When i bought my XF the Start/Stop didn't work and the garage had the car over night to charge the Battery and they finnished up fitting a New Battery with a Higher Rating. And that cured the problem and the Start/Stop would start working with in a few minutes off leaving the house, but lately with these colder morning's it's taking a little longer to work.

These cars need a very good battery because off all the electronics, some member's myself included connect a Ctek maintenance charger if the car is not being used regularly.

Regards Tom.


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