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How do, Bonjour


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Hello !

New member introduction 🙂

I used to own an X308 and loved it very muchly.
My wife unfortunately disliked it more than she disliked me...  So I sold it and bought a motorbike - becuase that helps 😛
In 2018, I clicked past a big number and began my research and last year indulged my Jaguar fantasy once more.

I am now the proud owner of a 2013 XKR convertible.  Its in a powder blue / grey depending on which way the light is shining with a cream leather interior.

I have imported the car to France, by some stroke of luck the guy doing the French MOT tested it as a UK car and gave me a certificate.  Just before Brexit, it is now sitting on new plates in my garage half an hour south of Paris.  

No major niggles just yet... but these are thoroughbred  race horses... so I am mentally prepared for both genetic issues and issues arising from a thoroughbred temperament.  e.g. Pedestrian Impact Protection System - fixed under warranty (Phew).

Look forward to picking your brains, specifically over headlight conversion, bumper removal and cleaning the valves of direct injection engines !

Happy New Year & Happy Motoring 

2021 can't be any worse than 20201 🙂


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Hi Andy_K .... welcome to the Club

Haha, totally understand about the motorbike, same situation here!

France is a lovely place to live (done that myself) and blessed with superb driving roads.
You certainly have the right car to benefit from these roads as well.

Good to have you onboard and stay safe!

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