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XJ TDVi Engine Advisory !!!

Henry Gilmore

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Dear All, I have just purchased an XJ TDVi off a family member, it has a very good service history with mostly Dealership stamps, its got 108k miles and has had the timing belt done and lots of other bits'n'pieces but what I've just been made aware of is the possibility of the engine crank bearing bolt shearing and destroying the engine !!!! (or something of that nature that happens to this 2.7 V6 )...... are there preventative measures or fixes to ensure this won't happen or is it a bit of a lottery whether this will happen and I will just have to wait and see !!!!????? Any constructive help would be very much appreciated .

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it all down to diesel in the oil from either leaky injectors or blocked dpf

so change the oil regular and keep an eye on oil level, if it goes up between checks you have issues

diesel dilutes the oil, its not a very good lubricant and you get heat generated by the main bearing, centre one fails first, cranks gets that hot it weakens and snaps, worse case senario, but its quite common

so keep an eye on your oil



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