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Door handle won't unlock my drivers door


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Hi guys, Newbie here with a problem with my 2013 xf s. Not too long ago I was about to enter my car but due to severe cold and snowy circumstances my drivers side door handle was stuck, I defrosted as much as I could and tried pulling on the handle to see if it would open for me but I may have used too much force and the handle pull towards me but the door didn't open up.

All the other doors where fine and could open it was just my drivers side door that couldn't open, from inside the car I can open and close the drivers door and my cars security is fine l, the only issue I have now is that I can't open the drivers door at all from the outside.

Can anyone advice me on what I may have done wrong? What does it need to get it working again and how much roughly the cost will be..

Ps, Ford dealer wants £85 just to do a diagnostic check on my car before even looking at what is causing the door handle to stay locked.

Thanks in advance for advice..

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2 hours ago, Big John said:

Hi Joe, and welcome.

This may help: http://www.jagrepair.com/images/Electrical/XFWorkshopManual/Body and Paint.pdf

Around page 306


Hi John, thank you for your welcome, I have downloaded the above pdf and will try and see if it helps, appreciate your help 👍

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