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Valuation surprise !!


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Thank you for letting me join your forum, ...   I've lurked in the background and learned an awful lot about my car and Jaguars in general for a quite a while now without wanting/needing to post;   ..  but now I am thinking of changing my car I was shocked by the second massive drop in value, ..     

  I was very lucky to buy my "fully loaded"  Oct 2015 XJ Portfolio JLR ex-management company car through the dealership in Derby when it was just 18 months old with approx 9500 miles on it, ... I was very pleased to get a car for £37k, which when I ran it through the online configurator came in at over £86k, .... I obviously benefited enormously from that first year falling off a cliff price drop, though I don't really understand why it was just such a drop, ...  I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, ...   

My surprise now, though is how much it has continued to fall/depreciate ...  it is now a little over 5 years old with 57k miles and I have been offered £16k as trade in !!   that's a £70k drop in 5 years ! 

Is this a surprise to anyone else ?

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No the figures are about what I would have expected, the new buyer always takes the biggest hit. I could not afford to buy a new Jag and change it every two years like some people do but even if I could I really can't see the logic in it.

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