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FOR SALE……Jaguar S Type 2.7 Twin Turbo Diesel Automatic. (56) Offers around £2,000.


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Registered 15th December 2006. 86,000 miles.

Requires new alternator & a new EGR valve, which I have. The front bumper is damaged & car probably needs a new battery, as it was declared SORN 15 months ago. No MOT.

tyres are good, bodywork, apart from bumper, is unmarked. The black leather interior requires valeting, but seats are undamaged. I just do not have the time to put it back on the road, so I’d like it to go to a sympathetic owner.








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Thanks for the reply. Your car looks very smart, especially with the light interior. We bought our car as a second vehicle in March 2018, knowing about the intermittent, but not serious, EGR problem. We purchased the part in early 2019, but didn't get round to fitting it. Then the alternator began to fail at the end of 2019 & Covid prevented any further action. Time moved on & we now have a BMW 4 series F32, a Mini Coper S convertible & a Volvo XC40, which is why we have decided to let it go. It's an enthusiast's car & really lovely to drive. In summer 2018, I drove from High Wycombe to stay with my brother in Closworth, Somerset for a weekend (photo), then continued to Birmingham & back to High Wycombe the same day. The car was a delight. I hope it appeals to someone in this owners club.


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