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Just purchased a 2007 XK and have the following issues


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I have just purchased a 2007 XK and I love the look of it as it has the XK60 kit on it but I have noticed a few issues with it and wondered if anyone who knows these cars could tell me if this is normal?


1) Rear passenger footwell wet, substantial with slightly rusted front seat bolts as a result of obviously long term issue

2) Rear side windows leaking (drips) when throwing buckets of water over the car when washing it

3) Smart key when placed in smart key charging point turns off cruise control, spare key doesnt always turn car on but will open it?

4) GPS not found on sat nav and basically sat nav is useless as a result

5) Drivers visor hangs down a little more and makes a snap noise when pushing it back up

6) Passenger wing mirror doesnt go back into position after reversing, no matter how many times I set it up in memory

7) Engine getting hot, no warning signs but I know it is as the fan stays on after use for a couple of minutes and I had an OBD reader on the car to check and it gets to around 115 degrees C and then the fan comes on, but this happens after only 10 minutes of driving. Assumed thermostat issue and booked in to have it changed, hoping its not a sensor or pump issue.

8 ) Rear subframe has surface rust

9) Small oil leak from rear diff

10) when on full lock even at slow speeds it feels like the car is sliding / hoping a bit at the front

So wonder if any of that is scary and not normal for these?

Also need a solution improving the stereo so it has bluetooth for my iphone 12 - whats everyone using now



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Hi Barrie, and welcome to the Club!

I have had my XK for well over six years, and have never had any issues at all, though I am not sure that mine has the feature changing the position of the passenger mirror when reversing.

However, though my XK is an 06 it has only done 39000 miles: I guess you can expect a few problems to start if yours is on a high mileage.

I haven’t had the radio on in years, preferring to listen to the V8 burble, so can’t help you there.

I do love my XK, and would intend to keep it just as long as I can get in and out without difficulty!

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Hi Barrie,

These cars tend to skip at the front end when on full lock, especially on chippings or gravel.

I bought my first X150 in 2012 and I am now on my second.

Both have exhibited that tendency.

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115c is way too hot.

Should be 90c and possibly 94c if idling on a hot day.

Do NOT drive until problem is corrected.

This model is sensitive to coolant pump problems.

There are other forum sites that explain how valve seats come loose at a few degrees higher.

Get the pump and its plastic housing replaced immediately.

This is also a good opportunity to replace valley  hoses when it is apart.


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Hi Barrie J. I saw your post and it immediately reminded of other posts I'd seen with respect to the wet rear passenger footwell carpet. It seems there is a long standing issue with the "valley pipe draining condensation from the air conditioning can block" (copied from another thread, not my words!). If you have a look on this site using the search facility, it'll give you far more info but suffice to say, I think it is quite a common problem. Good luck.

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Ah, thanks for the correction, Leo. Sorry if my reply misled you, Barrie J, that obviously wasn't the intention. Have you sorted out the problem, and if so what was the cause? 

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